Featured Meat & Poultry Content

  1. Canada’s VBP Raises The Bar For Beef Safety & Traceability

    Canada has one of the safest food supplies in the world thanks to programs such as the Verified Beef Production Program. Perhaps investing in similar programs could help other countries.

  2. Unilever Takes A Firm Stand Against Slaughtering Male Chicks

    Consumer-goods giant vows to outwork the terrible animal-welfare record within the egg industry.

  3. New FSIS Procedures Will Improve Traceability On Contaminated Ground Beef

    “Streamlined” and “expedited” are two words describing the USDA’s new procedures. A summer of positive changes means a safer food supply chain and growing consumer confidence.

  4. COOL — WTO And U.S. Court Of Appeals Will Decide Its Fate

    Having been debated since 2002 — when the first wording for mandatory Country of Origin Labeling was introduced into the U.S. Farm Bill — its critics have not stopped fighting for its downturn

  5. The Facts About Poultry Slaughter Inspection Modernization

    A decision was made 15 years ago to adopt HIMP, a pilot program designed to upgrade an inspection process in chicken slaughter plants first adopted in the 1950s

  6. KFC, Pizza Hut, And McDonald’s Launch Food Safety Investigations

    U.S.-owned OSI Group is at the heart of a Chinese food-safety scandal where expired meat products were sold and served in Shanghai fast-food establishments

  7. Cargill: Only Using Antibiotics To Treat Ill Livestock

    Growth-promoting antibiotics are phased out of the company’s turkey brands in response to research and consumer feedback.

  8. Implementation Of Canada Pig Traceability System — Education To Enforcement

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s mandatory pig traceability system went into effect on July 1, but the agency says it plans to give producers a year before getting tough on enforcement

  9. The Poultry Industry — Cutting Waste With Automated Deboning Technology

    A new system using imaging technology and robotics provides poultry processors with a way to make precise, waste-less cuts, increasing yields, and improving food safety

  10. Foster Farms Says Salmonella Rates Test Well Below National Benchmark

    The chicken producer, riddled with bacterial pathogen issues over the last year, has released its plans to reduce Salmonella infection rates in its chicken production facilities.