Featured Meat & Poultry Content

  1. FSIS Begins Holding Beef Suppliers To A Higher Standard

    The way the Food Safety and Inspection Service deals with positive E. coli tests at ground beef trim facilities is undergoing some marked changes

  2. 5 Steps To Listeria Detection

    Sample6 and a family-run business are illustrating how simple it is to prevent costly recalls while improving production time

  3. Inspector Clarifications Issued For NPIS Rollout

    The New Poultry Inspection System goes into effect on Oct 20, 2014. Processors will benefit from knowing what FSIS is telling its inspectors

  4. The Future Of The Global HPP Market: What You Need To Know

    The rising demand for food and beverage products enabled and improved by HPP is creating opportunities for the global HPP market, but high costs compared to alternative-processing methods are creating some challenges

  5. CSPI Expands Its Salmonella Petition To The USDA

    Originally filed, and consequently denied in May of 2011, CSPI petitioned the USDA to declare some antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella an adulterant

  6. New Poultry Inspection System Rolls Out October 20

    More than two years in the making and still being debated in federal court, the New Poultry Inspection System is just weeks away from becoming reality

  7. Tyson’s Hatcheries Are Now Antibiotic-Free

    The world’s-largest producer of meat is following Perdue Farm’s lead as FDA guidelines regulating antibiotic use in otherwise healthy farm animals approaches its 2016 deadline

  8. WHO Releases First-Of-Its-Kind Global Listeria Report

    Both enlightening and worrisome, the report shows 48 percent of the world’s population lives in a country that does not report Listeria illnesses

  9. Food And Water Watch Vs. The USDA’s “Filthy Chicken Rule”

    The consumer action group is attacking the United States Department of Agriculture over Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection.

  10. Cargill’s New Poultry Processing Facility Is Up And Running

    The company’s new facility in China supports the company’s mission of improving efficiency and adding value across production and distribution of poultry products, while promoting sustainable agriculture and creating a secure, safe, food supply.