Featured Meat & Poultry Content

  1. New Food Processing Blades Cut Downtime And Improve Efficiency

    Equipment durability is an important consideration in food production, and within the harsh environments of many food processing operations, having sharp and durable blades results in better productivity and profitability.

  2. Avian Flu Has The Food Industry Walking On Egg Shells

    In the face of the worst outbreak of avian flu in U.S. history, companies throughout the food industry are searching for ways to adapt to the significant contraction of the domestic egg supply.

  3. An Important Step Toward Improving Seafood Traceability

    The seafood industry has long been vulnerable to illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, but through the development of a technology architecture, the industry is gaining access to the tools it needs to improve traceability, as well as sustainability.

  4. The Nation’s Largest Food Safety Inspection Database Is Up And Running

    Food safety inspection data has traditionally been difficult to aggregate as each regulating agency has compiled its own data in individual databases. While it is fairly simple to find publicly available inspection data on the USDA and FDA websites, local and state agency information hasn’t been so easy to find… until now.

  5. USDA Finalizes Ruling For Labeling Of Mechanically Tenderized Beef

    In response to growing concerns over bacterial contamination, mechanically tenderized meat products must now be labeled as such and must include proper cooking instructions.

  6. Tyson Foods Will Eliminate Human Antibiotic Use In Chickens

    The number one poultry producer in the U.S. intends to eliminate the use of human antibiotics in chicken flocks by September of next year.

  7. The EU’s New Country of Origin Labeling Rules For Meats: What You Need To Know

    With the new, European Union rules on Country of Origin Labeling now in effect, a lot of questions have been raised. From “what specific products and species are covered under new laws?” to “how does this differ from prior requirements,” here is what you need to know about the new regulations.

  8. Complying With HARPC: A Must For The Frozen-Foods Sector

    The Food Safety Modernization Act is requiring a major overhaul in most sectors of the food industry. As the focus shifts from reaction to prevention regarding food-safety events, one area that is facing significant changes is the frozen-food sector.

  9. Study Takes Aim At Meat And Poultry Recall And Prevention Costs

    Recent research from Kansas State University explores five factors that have major financial implications for companies enduring meat and poultry recalls.

  10. Is Flexible Packaging The Best Choice For Your Food Product?

    With a wide variety of flexible packaging options on the market, making design decisions can be tedious, but necessary, work. Whether you package liquid products, dried goods, or meats and cheeses, the perfect flexible packaging solution is out there.