New Food Processing Blades Cut Downtime And Improve Efficiency
New Food Processing Blades Cut Downtime And Improve Efficiency

Equipment durability is an important consideration in food production, and within the harsh environments of many food processing operations, having sharp and durable blades results in better productivity and profitability.

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  • WW Johnson Beefs Up Its Front-Line To Exceed USDA And GFSI Standards
    WW Johnson Beefs Up Its Front-Line To Exceed USDA And GFSI Standards

    Since 1946, WW Johnson Meat Company has produced premium, quality ground beef distributed to retail and food service operations across the Midwest and beyond. As the company’s workforce continued to diversify, it needed a way to break the language barrier between employees and trainers and verify that employees understood training concepts. This case study shows how WW Johnson Meat implemented consistent, multilingual content and automated recordkeeping to overcome barriers of learning.

  • How To Deliver Consistent Safety Training To A Diverse Workforce
    How To Deliver Consistent Safety Training To A Diverse Workforce

    Buckhead Beef wanted to implement consistent safety practices across its operation. The company held weekly meetings with employees to discuss safety, but the meetings were not effective in building a culture of safety. This case study examines how interactive training, food industry educational courses, and automated recordkeeping and reporting helped Buckhead Beef improve its safety record and boost efficiency.

  • On-Line Gas Analyzer Improves Shelf Life For Meat Processing Company
    On-Line Gas Analyzer Improves Shelf Life For Meat Processing Company

    Bye-bye manual testing: Replaced by new on-line gas analyzer. This case study examines how a meat processing company made the switch from manually and randomly testing of its packages five times each day to an on-line headspace analyzer for its Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) products.

  • Shelf Life Studies: Basics, Principles, And Concepts
    Shelf Life Studies: Basics, Principles, And Concepts

    Shelf life studies are used to determine how long a product can reasonably be expected to maintain its quality, safety, and character. These studies take into account not only products’ functional qualities such as safety and effectiveness, but also cosmetic qualities such as color and texture that make them appealing to customers.

  • Greencore Foods Saves Time And Money With Waste Water Treatment Solution
    Greencore Foods Saves Time And Money With Waste Water Treatment Solution

    As a maker of cooking sauces, pickles, dips, and soft drinks, Greencore Foods has become a significant player in the food processing industry. However, the company’s effluent from food manufacturing contains an array of inorganic salts and organic components which enter the waste stream in part from the intense wash-down of processing tanks and lines during clean-inplace (CIP) procedures for product changeover. This article explains how the company overcame the challenges of managing its waste water treatment at its Selby, U.K. plant.

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  • Novus Poultry Academy Provides Tools For Success With Tough Competition

    This May, Novus International, Inc. will host its 2017 Novus Poultry Academy, with a theme of "Broiler Nutrition and Management," aiming to educate industry professionals on the latest trends, techniques and research in the ever-changing boiler chicken sector

  • Kraft Heinz Company Opens Expanded Plant In Kirksville, Missouri

    Kraft Heinz Company opened its $250M expanded facility, 165 miles northeast of Kansas City, in Kirksville, Missouri.

  • Dim-To-Blue Lighting For Optimal Broiler Production

    While LED lighting can bring broiler poultry growers significant energy savings, AgriShift Dim-to-Blue lighting offers more than being an environmentally friendly option

  • MadgeTech To Debut The Titan S8 At The Food Safety Summit

  • Elanco Opens Autogenous Poultry Vaccine Manufacturing Facility In Winslow, Maine

    Representatives from Elanco Animal Health will be on hand to officially open the doors to its new autogenous poultry vaccine facility in Winslow, Maine, on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

  • Meyn, Cabinplant And MULTIVAC Agree On Cooperation

    Cabinplant A/S, MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG and Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V., complete a strategic alliance. A memorandum of understanding was recently signed by representatives of the companies involved at interpack, the international packaging trade fair

  • Tomra Launches FatScan, The New Fat Analyzer

    TOMRA’s new FatScan fat analyzer allows for the continuous analysis of meat to precisely determine its fat content. This functional and compact machine can be easily integrated in production lines and is specifically designed to assist smaller meat processors in delivering a consistent and uniform product.

  • Eagle Gives A Breakthrough On Technology At Interpack 2017

    Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle), an expert in advanced X-ray product inspection and fat analysis (FA) systems, will unveil a completely new system in the Interpack 2017, designed Specifically for the poultry sector

  • Cascades® EVOK® Expands Into The US

    Cascades inc. (TSX: CAS), a leader in the recycling and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue paper products, is pleased to announce the arrival of Cascades EVOK® on the American market

  • U.S. Meat & Poultry Market Will Approach $100B In 2021

    Meat and poultry products are consumer favorites, food industry mainstays, and protein powerhouses—all factors that will keep the U.S. industry for animal protein growing despite challenges from plant protein alternatives, according to market research firm Packaged Facts

  • Calysta, Cargill Officially Break Ground On NouriTech, A New Feed Production Plant In Memphis

    NouriTech and its lead investors, Calysta, Inc. and Cargill, were joined by state and local elected officials recently to officially break ground on a 37-acre Memphis feed production facility. The plant will be home to the world’s largest gas fermentation operation that will produce Calysta’s FeedKind protein, a nourishing and sustainable feed ingredient for fish, livestock and pets, using its proprietary technology

  • Tyson Foods Commits To New Sustainable Approach To A Better Workplace

    As part of Tyson Foods’ focus on sustainable food production at scale, the company has committed to expanded efforts to create a better workplace at its production facilities

  • US Foods Agrees To Acquire FirstClass Foods

    US Foods recently announced that it has agreed to acquire FirstClass Foods, a privately owned meat manufacturing company based in Hawthorne, Calif. with nearly $55M in annual sales

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