Featured Meat & Poultry Content

  1. Foster Farms Recalls More Than A Million Pounds Of Chicken

    On July 3 Foster Farms issued a voluntary recall for raw chicken parts produced in March. The company has been under fire since March of 2013 for not issuing any recalls of contaminated products.

  2. Cargill Will Move Sows To Group Housing By 2015

    Public interest and a push for animal welfare have expedited Cargill’s goal for the group housing of swine

  3. Bolstering Food Safety With Traceability Systems

    As implementation of FSMA draws closer and closer, the need for timely and accurate tracking of products becomes more and more paramount. A food traceability system can help take speculation out of tracking products from factory to fork

  4. FDA’s May Warning Letters Address Numerous Instances Of Food Adulteration

    The letters, which were sent to food manufacturers in Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, and Puerto Rico, identified mishandling of food products, improper drug administration, and numerous other regulatory violations; companies must outline specific steps to address the issues within 15 working days.

  5. Kraft Cuts “Steak” From A.1. Sauce As It Continues Adapting To Consumer Preferences

    Evolving consumer tastes have caused many food manufacturers to reevaluate brands and alter marketing schemes to better fit the modern food landscape.

  6. Hormel Foods’ Sustainability Goals — Less Space Mean Less Waste

    Releases on May 15, the company’s the eighth corporate responsibility report discusses all aspects of the company’s initiatives related to the environment, animal care, its products, its people, and the global community.

  7. Pilgrim’s Pride, Hillshire Brands, And Pinnacle Foods Fuel Meat-Merger Frenzy

    Just two weeks after an already enormous deal for Pinnacle Foods, another offer from the world’s second-largest chicken processor drops on the table for Hillshire Brands

  8. Class I Recall Of Tainted Ground Beef Is Expanded

    A list of retail locations that may have received ground beef contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 has been updated by the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service

  9. Keep Antibiotics Working Wants To Do Just That

    Advocates of antibiotic reduction in livestock production hone in on marketing ambiguity

  10. Hillshire And Hormel Battle Rising Meat Prices With Diversity

    Reaching into segments outside of the meat business is the strategy in play for Hillshire and Hormel to overcome rising prices in each company’s niche.