Product Showcase

  1. Brother Mobile Solutions: TD-4000 And TD-4100N Desktop Barcode And Label Printers
    The Brother TD-4000 and TD-4100N desktop barcode and label printers represent a great value at an affordable price. They feature a four-inch wide print head, high-resolution printing, fast throughput, and a built-in auto cutter, all of which make these printers an excellent choice for many vertical market applications.
  2. Brother® PocketJet® Mobile Printers
    Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. is recognized for the PocketJet 3 and 3 Plus rugged mobile printers in route accounting applications and solutions in industries such as dairy and bakery. We are expanding our product offering outside mobile printing solutions into more traditional retail-supply chain desktop barcode label printing. Visit us at the National Retail Federation show in January 2010 to see our new products.
  3. StripPax® System

    StripPax® are designed to remove moisture and/or volatiles from your package headspace to promote product stability and are able to keep up with the fastest packaging line speeds. Our dispensers are compatible with a variety of packaging line configurations: horizontal flow wrappers, VFFS, bottling lines, thermoformed pouching and more.

  4. SorbiCap Desiccant Canisters

    Desiccants- safe, non-toxic SorbiCap® desiccant canister adsorbs moisture and odor in pharmaceutical and diagnostic product packaging. Featuring a non-dusting design and welded end caps, SorbiCap canisters eliminate the dusting and other problems associated with conventional canisters.

  5. Paratherm GLT™ Heat Transfer Fluid
    Paratherm GLT™ Heat Transfer Fluid is an alkylated aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed loop liquid phase heating systems to 550°F using fired heaters and to 575°F in waste-heat recovery systems.
  6. Paratherm HR™ Heat Transfer Fluid
    Paratherm HR Heat Transfer Fluid is an alkylated-aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed loop liquid phase heating to 650°F in fired heaters and 675°F in waste heat recovery and full convection heaters.
  7. OX-TRAN® Model 1/50: Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester

    This feature rich oxygen transmission rate analyzer is designed for simple out-of-the box user installation and is packed with new technology. This includes an absolute coulometric method, built in software to minimize user error and automatic relative humidity controls.

  8. Tablet Tote Boxes - Plastic
    Remcon tablet tote boxes are molded of rugged FDA compliant polyethylene for exceptional durability. Lightweight, they offer superior efficiency for heavy-duty tasks.
  9. Texture Analyzer Instrumentation
    Food Texture Analysis - This new, low-cost texture analyzer instrumentation offers quality, value and support — all from a name you can trust — Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc. The Texture Division of Brookfield Engineering introduces both Compression and Tension Test modes in its third generation texture analyzer, the CT3.
  10. Plainville Farms Turns To Mettler-Toledo Safeline To Assure High Food Safety And Product Quality Standards
    Growing and processing the finest natural, antibiotic-free turkeys, Plainville Farms satisfies an extremely quality-conscious customer base