News | June 20, 2018

Vinovo Partners With MSD Animal Health For Enhanced Poultry Health

Combines in-ovo delivery system with broad vaccine portfolio to Efficiently and Effectively Protect Against Highly Infectious Poultry Diseases

Vinovo B.V. (subsidiary of Viscon Hatchery Automation) is proud to announce to have signed a cooperation agreement with Intervet International B.V. (subsidiary of MSD Animal Health). The agreement grants MSD the sole license, as a vaccine manufacturer, to sell or lease the complete Vinovo delivery program (being: Live Embryo Detection, Vinovo Select Inject, Vinovo Flex Inject and the Select transfer systems) to the global poultry industry.

Through this agreement MSD’s worldwide customers and subsidiaries can now benefit from the best In-Ovo technology available and accompanying services. Vinovo and her customers will benefit from the worldwide sales and veterinarian network of MAH and their high quality In-Ovo vaccines.

Both companies remain independent entities and are free to sell their products to any end customer. However, they do believe that the combination of their products and services will create the highest added value for their customers, with the ultimate goal to make the hatchery the center of preventive healthcare.

Bas Smaal, General Manager Vinovo: “We see this as an enormous compliment and recognition that MSD, being an industry leading vaccine company, selected us as their strategic partner for In-Ovo equipment. This will accelerate our In-Ovo business and worldwide presence in sales and services, which will be beneficial for all our existing and future customers.”

This is a true partnership, bringing together our broad vaccine portfolio which protects poultry against highly infectious diseases with Vinovo’s top-of-the-line novel delivery system technology to help poultry growers around the world,” said Taylor Barbosa, DVM, Ph.D., ACPV, Executive Director, Global Poultry Marketing, MSD Animal Health. “At MSD Animal Health, we strive for scientific innovations that safeguard the health and welfare of poultry and work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver the information, technologies and veterinary services to meet their needs around the world. Through this partnership, we will provide the next generation of safe in ovo vaccination for better protected and healthier birds, living up to our commitment to the Science of Healthier Animals.”

SOURCE: Vinovo B.V.