News | March 26, 2024

ULMA Packaging Continues To Strengthen Its Position In The Fish And Seafood Industry

ULMA Packaging at Seafood 2024, Stand 3EE601 - Fira de Barcelona, from 23 to 25 April

Once more, ULMA Packaging will be attending the world's largest seafood exhibition, Seafood Expo 2024 in Barcelona. With its undeniable commitment to quality and sustainability, ULMA is poised to unveil the latest advancements in packaging technology.

On this occasion, ULMA will showcase four packaging solutions specially designed for various types of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. These equipment are highly versatile, reliable and easy to operate, meeting both producers requirements and consumer demands.

  • Rigorous standards: Quality assurance, hygiene and safety
  • Food safety: Extended product shelf life
  • Outstanding presentation and sustainable packaging

Flow pack machine wrapper for frozen fish in shrink film - SIENNA
This is a flow pack machine specially designed for frozen fish. Its stainless steel components make it the ideal choice for damp environments. In this case, uses shrink film with a shrink tunnel.

The machine's versatility allows it to handle a range of formats, from products in cartons through to individual fish pieces.

Continuous vertical bagging machine for small fish pieces - VTC 828 R
The unit is designed to produce premium packaging with a resealable zipper. It is the ideal packaging for small pieces of fish or seafood. Packaging with an impeccable practical finish.

The machine boasts the latest technological advancements in terms of productivity, hygiene and operational simplicity.

  • IP 66 washdown design
  • Fast, ergonomic changeover - Safety and minimum downtime
  • Produces up to 80-90 packages per minute

Highly versatile compact thermoforming machine - TFS 200 MSV
This thermoforming machine model has been designed to produce modified atmosphere, skin or vacuum packaging. Its versatility also extends to the packaging materials it can work with, including cardboard, laminated films and even mono-materials as possible base materials.

In this case, the machine uses a completely recyclable mono-material base film and a sealed air top film, not only improving and accentuating the product's visibility but also ensuring a wider range of display options.

Flexible traysealer for both cardboard and plastic trays - TSA 875
This traysealer model is equipped with the innovative R-Skin system, which makes it possible to use more lightweight trays that are not compatible with traditional skin packaging systems, thus reducing the material used by up to 50%.

This ULMAweCare technology provides sustainable packaging solutions and achieves significant material savings, further enhanced by the CUT ONTRAY cutting system that reduces lidding film waste by up to 30%.

Particularly noteworthy are the traysealer's features and options (automatic tray destacker, double reel holder with automatic splicing, servomotors, etc.), which make it the ideal model in high-production lines.

Sustainability: New versatile models
In line with the growing importance of sustainability, ULMA Packaging continues to develop innovative packaging machine models. These models are not only increasingly versatile in terms of functions, but also cater to various film types and offer eco-friendly solutions that align with current market demands.

Automation: Reduce your operating costs
With the aim of improving efficiency and increasing productivity in our customers' packaging lines, one of ULMA's key areas is the automation of packaging processes.

Thanks to our wide range of products, we can install everything from automatic product loading lines and end of line solutions to robotic palletising systems.

Digitalisation: Essential for improving production efficiency
Encompassing the concepts of SMART MACHINES and SMART SERVICE, ULMA Packaging's digital solutions will have their own dedicated area at Seafood. Digitalisation is also helping to transform the packaging industry, so ULMA's machines have been designed to be networked in a smart factory environment.

Equipped to collect real-time data, our monitoring and analysis tools allow plant managers to optimise the efficiency and return on investment of packaging lines.

Thanks to these and other features, our customers are able to identify areas that require improvement, optimising production shifts and reducing downtime, which leads to greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Stand 3EE601
Come and visit us at Seafood 2024. We will be delighted to show you the latest technologies and sustainable developments, to offer you the best solution to suit your needs.

Source: ULMA