News | April 24, 2024

ULMA Packaging At Hispack 2024

ULMA Packaging will be attending Hispack 2024 with exciting new products on display at a large stand where all visitors will be able to get a first-hand look at the latest trends in packaging.

In an increasingly demanding market, production efficiency, digitisation and sustainability are the challenges facing the packaging industry. Machine versatility and automation play a key role when it comes to choosing packaging equipment.

At this year's event, ULMA Packaging will be showcasing some of the latest solutions it has designed for the fresh and frozen food industries, and even solutions aimed at specific sectors such as medical devices.

Our packaging solutions ensure perfectly sealed packs with lines that are equipped with systems to maximise efficiency and achieve optimal OEE values.

Automatic line for sliced products in MAP – TFS 700
High-speed line designed for sliced ham or cheese, suitable for flexible vacuum packaging and MAP.

The line is equipped with features that ensure ease of use and reduced downtime to maximise availability.

Additionally, the thermoforming machine is synchronised with the automatic feeding system to achieve optimum productivity, along with options that facilitate traceability throughout the machine.

High-speed VFFS vertical bagging machine with Tight-Bag technology – VTC 840
The VTC 840 vertical wrapper is the model that we will be exhibiting at Hispack. A bagging machine that combines outstanding hygiene, performance and reliability.

Designed to meet the strictest hygiene and washdown (IP66) requirements, this bagging machine is equipped with an advanced system for sealing different types of film.

Another standout feature is its Tight-Bag system, which allows the size of the bag to be reduced by controlling the volume of air inside the packaging, with no need for holes.

Quick, compact and flexible traysealers
A this event, the line being exhibited is a TSA 400s with a tray destacker, automatic loading simulation with a multi-head and quality control systems. Designed for fresh and frozen products in MAP, this line is capable of running at speeds of up to 35 trays/minute.

With the flexibility required to pack a variety of products in packaging such as LeafSkin, LeafMap and Skin Protruding packs, this model is specially manufactured in stainless steel for ease of cleaning..

Connectivity, integration and control of packaging processes
Equipped with all the functionalities of Smart Machines , this model from our TSA range of traysealers has features that are geared towards Industry 4.0.

Integrated in-line quality control systems
X-ray equipment to check for metals and detect contaminants in food.

Seal inspection system to ensure the integrity of tray seals and make sure that the sealing area is free of contaminants.

Packaging of medical devices and pharmaceuticals
For the first time, at this year's HISPACK we will be exhibiting a Flow Pack machine specifically designed for packaging medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The Artic Side Seal, which produces an easy-open chevron pack. This machine produces side seal packaging with no seams on the front or back.

The machine is also equipped with a Tyvek applicator for EtO gas sterilisation, one of the most in-demand features in the medical sector.

Its versatility allows it to package different types of medical devices such as: dressings, syringes, medical kits, gauzes, etc.

Stand E149
Another HISPACK event for the packaging sector at which we will be delighted and excited to welcome all visitors who come to our stand.

Source: ULMA