News | February 22, 2023

The Most Flexible Weight-Control Portion Cutter On The Market

The V-Cut 300 is the new flagship in Marel's diverse portfolio of volumetric weight-controlled portion cutters. Ideal for medium- to high-volume retail, foodservice and butchery processors, its innovative design enables you to level up your product diversity and quality to provide the delicious, convenient cuts your customers desire.

Cut portions into uniform shapes, weight and thickness
While both vision-based portioning and volumetric portioning can produce fixed-weight portions, the V-Cut 300’s advanced volumetric technology can also achieve uniform shape and thickness. This is highly desirable for retail and foodservice customers, as all portions are equal and have the same cooking time. Portioning products like this also allows for a more automated process, as they are ready for automatic loading in trays, so you can skip the step of manual batching or tray loading

Make work easier, reclaim your time
The V-Cut 300’s innovative, ergonomic design enables you to instantly boost yield while improving work conditions and minimizing downtime. Its unique portioning mold with side-press function reduces giveaway, as primals don’t need trimming to fit the mold. At the same time, its very low infeed height makes operation extremely user-friendly. The side-press function can also handle different meat sizes all in the same mold shape, so workers don’t need to spend time reconfiguring the machine when changing raw material. Together, these factors add up to high throughput and enormous time savings.

Produce many products with just one machine
The V-Cut 300 has a very wide operational window, cutting a huge variety of portion types and easily handling primals of any size or shape.

Keep your processes running even in a labor shortage
With the most extensive knowledge in Portion Cutting, Marel has just the right solution to help you automate any kind of fresh meat portion-cutting process. Our advanced portion cutters can help you improve not only your cutting technology, but also value-adding followup processes, such as sorting and batching, flattening, coating, and tray loading and packaging. We will work with you to find the ideal portion cutter to reduce your reliance on labor and ensure that your products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Source: Marel