News | February 14, 2024

TARGAN And Wayne-Sanderson Farms Announce Expansion Of Commercial Collaboration

TARGAN, Inc. (TARGAN) and Wayne-Sanderson Farms today announced the expansion of their previously-publicized partnership. In August 2023, the two companies entered into a multi-year agreement for the integration of TARGAN poultry systems in multiple Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ broiler hatcheries across the United States. This new agreement will more than double the number of devices in use at Wayne-Sanderson locations.

“Wayne-Sanderson Farms is a well-respected expert and leader within the poultry industry,” said Ramin Karimpour, founder and CEO at TARGAN. “Wayne-Sanderson was our first commercial collaboration, and we are thrilled that together we are expanding this partnership. This increased placement of TARGAN systems demonstrates that TARGAN’s innovative technology has proved to be an asset to Wayne-Sanderson Farms.”

TARGAN seamlessly merges engineering and biology, utilizing cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-speed vision systems in its poultry systems. This approach creates efficiencies for poultry producers, optimizes hatchery processes, and contributes to enhancing global food sustainability and animal welfare. The first units from TARGAN were installed in Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ hatcheries in 2023.

"Our approach to continuous improvement focuses on both processes and equipment — and the partnership with TARGAN is a good example of both, helping us harness new technologies to enhance our hatchery operations and improve production efficiency across the process," said Kevin McDaniel, COO for Wayne-Sanderson Farms.

Founded in 2015, TARGAN opened its state-of-the-art facility dedicated to research, design, and manufacturing in Raleigh, North Carolina in September 2023. With more than 130 engineers, scientists, and technology professionals under its roof, TARGAN is poised to revolutionize animal protein production across the globe.

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