News | October 3, 2023

Smartfeeder: Your Essential Link From Slicing To Packing

Increase the quality of your cold cuts by integrating a Smartfeeder between your automatic slicing and packing solutions.

You can now combine a Smartfeeder with both the DIVIDER lineUp and the DIVIDER 660+ slicing machines to automate the step between slicing and packing your cold cuts. Discover how adding a Smartfeeder to your slicing line solution can bring significant benefits.

A more efficient slicing line solution
The Smartfeeder acts as an intelligent buffer between your slicing and packing machines. Its cutting-edge technology automatically regulates the flow of product on its belts, allowing your slicer to run continuously. This ensures one smooth, efficient flow, virtually eliminating stop-start processing and maximizing your production time. The machine's robust design is also incredibly reliable, so stoppages are kept to an absolute minimum.

Consistently uniform product weight
The Smartfeeder uses data from an aligned scale to ensure an unrivaled combination of accuracy and speed when weighing and sorting slices. It automatically identifies any batches that are not in the required weight range and rejects them without interrupting the processing flow. Any end pieces are also sorted and removed. Automatic slicing and feeding with this level of accuracy and efficiency means you can be confident of delivering end products that are always on spec.

Higher food safety standards
Automating the step between slicing and packing with a Smartfeeder minimizes the need for manual handling. This automation virtually eliminates human contact to give your cold cuts a superior level of hygiene, making it easy to meet food safety standards and, importantly, extending product shelf life. Additionally, the Smartfeeder boasts a hygienic design, featuring easily removable belts and no intricate crevices that are challenging to reach, simplifying the cleaning and maintenance processes.

Less labor - more throughput
When you install a Smartfeeder alongside the DIVIDER lineUp or DIVIDER 660+, you create a slicing and feeding solution that boosts production capacity and, at the same time, reduces your reliance on manual labor. The Smartfeeder allows you to enhance efficiency and productivity while minimizing the need for additional workers on the line.

Easy integration into your slicing line solution
Integrating a Smartfeeder with the DIVIDER lineUp or DIVIDER 660+ is surprisingly straightforward. Installation is swift and hassle-free, so you can be up and running in a matter of hours. Once incorporated, you will have a streamlined slicing and feeding solution controlled by a single user-friendly menu on the slicer machine's operating screen.

Advanced technology at an affordable price
If you're looking for a fast return on investment, look no further than the Smartfeeder. Offering an unbeatable combination of affordability, advanced features, user-friendly design, and effortless operation, the Smartfeeder is the ultimate slicing line solution for processors seeking top-tier efficiency and flexibility. Whether you're working with various protein types or dealing with multiple shapes, the Smartfeeder can elevate your processing capabilities.

See the Smartfeeder in action
Watch how the Smartfeeder combines with the DIVIDER 660+ for Ovako, a leading processed meat distributor in Eastern Europe, founded by the Dzafics family in 1997.

Source: Marel