News | September 26, 2023

Profuse Technology Unveils Revolutionary Advancements In 3D Cultivated Meat Growth

  • Proprietary technology speeds up muscle growth time by 5x
  • Increases muscle tissue protein content by 5x
  • Natural growth improvement: without resorting to genetic modification
  • CEO to address Future Food-Tech in London on Sep. 28

Tel Aviv and London /PRNewswire/ - Profuse Technology, a pioneering leader in the field of muscle tissue growth for the cultivated meat and life-science industries, is excited to announce a breakthrough in its cutting-edge technology that is poised to reshape the landscape of muscle production in 3D format on scaffolds.

Profuse Technology's media supplements and growth protocols achieve an astounding 80% reduction in the duration of the muscle growth phase on 3D scaffolds to only 48 hours to drive a more sustainable and efficient future for meat production. Beyond the remarkable acceleration of growth, the technology also elevates muscle tissue protein content by a factor of five, providing a healthier and protein-rich alternative to traditional meat sources.

What sets Profuse Technology apart is its unique capability to facilitate the production of fully mature muscle tissue in a 3D environment, closely mirroring conventionally farmed meat. This innovative approach heralds a new era in cultivated meat production, ensuring that the end product is closer to be indistinguishable from traditionally sourced meat, both in taste and texture.

Profuse CEO Guy Nevo Michrowski said, "It is essential to recognize that the heart of meat production lies in muscle growth, as meat equals muscle. The ability to cultivate meat cost effectively and at scale hinges on adopting 3D growth methodologies involving scaffolds and microcarriers."

Profuse CTO Dr. Tamar Eigler Hirsh said, "Profuse Technology's proprietary media supplements and protocols achieve effective muscle production in a 3D environment without resorting to genetic modification. Our commitment lies in supporting production of sustainable, ethical, and delectable alternatives to conventionally farmed meat".

Profuse Technology stands poised to revolutionize the future of meat production, enabling a scalable, sustainable and ethical pathway toward the future of meat cultivation.

Guy Nevo Michrowski will be speaking at Future Food-Tech in London September 28-29. Panel title: 'Next Steps for Biotech: Harnessing Innovation to Reach Commercialisation'. For more information email:

About Profuse Technology: Profuse Technology is a specialist in muscle development, committed to unlocking the potential of muscle growth for cultivated meat and life-science applications. Profuse's cultivated muscle growth solutions aim to achieve price parity with traditional meat production while prioritizing reduced production times, improved meat quality, and increased yields. For more information, please visit:

Source: Profuse Technology

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