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Neogen® Farm Fluid MAX Disinfectant Launches Across Great Britain Livestock & Poultry Markets

Greater Manchester /PRNewswire/ - Neogen® Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) announced today that it has launched Neogen® Farm Fluid MAX in Great Britain and will soon be available in other European markets, subject to global registrations and notifications. This dual-action disinfectant is designed for challenging farm conditions and is formulated for use as part of a Neogen Pathogen Programme.

An extension of the respected Farm Fluid product line, Neogen Farm Fluid MAX is specially designed to be applied as part of coccidiosis control protocols. It is proven to challenge and destroy oocysts, breaking the protozoa cycle and inactivating up to 100% of sporulated and non-sporulated oocysts. At 2% dilution, the disinfectant has demonstrated effectiveness on multiple field strains of Eimeria oocysts, including E. tenella, E. maxima, and E acervulina.

"Farm Fluid MAX is a robust and powerful solution, demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest-quality products for our customers around the world," said Andy Hughes, Senior Director of Animal Safety, EMEA, at Neogen. "We have formulated this disinfectant with chlorocresol (CMK), a second biocide, and other supportive ingredients, including a solvent for increased solubility and a surfactant, making it the ideal solution for combating difficult farm environments."

Neogen Farm Fluid MAX can be used in a variety of applications for the general disinfection of both indoor and outdoor animal housing, as well as in wheel and boot dips with minimal degradation by direct sunlight.

For optimal performance, Neogen Farm Fluid MAX should be applied to pre-cleaned, dry surfaces*, and for best results, the disinfectant should be used as part of a Neogen Pathogen Programme, which is designed to target viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria, and protozoa in livestock production. The typical recommendation would be to utilize Neogen Farm Fluid MAX as the third step of the programme, following the cleaning of all surfaces with Farm-Foam™ EVO and an initial application of Neogen Viroxide Super™ disinfectant.

*Adhere to all label instructions.

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