News | November 8, 2010

MOCON's New Combination System Is First To Offer All-In-One Testing For Oxygen Headspace, Leak Detection, Seal Strength

Source: MOCON, Inc.

MOCON, Inc. is introducing the MultiCheck 300—a new, first-of-its-kind system which measures oxygen (O2) headspace coupled with leak detection and seal strength.

MOCON has married two separate technologies—its Lippke 4000 series (leak detection/seal strength) and its hand-held Pac Check 302, O2 headspace analyzer to create the MultiCheck 300 combination unit. The objective is to provide packagers with an all-in-one system which reduces the resources (time, labor, samples) needed to conduct three separate tests.

"As the global gold-standard leader in instrumentation technology, we are always looking for ways we can positively impact our customers' productivity. This new combination unit will significantly reduce testing time, while providing the same accurate results," said James Hargreaves, associate technical services supervisor, MOCON. "Further, results can be achieved with half the number of package samples."

The MultiCheck 300 unit is ideally suited for a broad spectrum of food, pharmaceutical and medical products which are shelf life sensitive. It can be used to test a wide variety of packages including flexible, rigid, composites, etc.

To begin the testing, a septum is applied to the package via a pressure-sensitive adhesive to create a hermetic seal. Next, a probe is inserted through the septum, into the package. A sample is drawn by pushing a button which actives a pump. Gas is drawn via a vacuum and passed through the septum to the instrument's sensor. Headspace results are available in seconds.

As soon as that measurement is complete, the system software switches a valve which begins the second part of the test—either leak detection or seal strength, or both.

To perform a leak test, air is injected into the package until the pressure reaches a pre-selected level. It is then held at a constant level for the required settling time. The system then accurately measures the pressure to detect even the slightest amount of loss and displays the corresponding value.

To conduct seal strength testing, the package is then subjected to increasing pressure until it bursts. The burst pressure of the package is proportional to its seal strength.

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