News | May 7, 2021

Major TE-FOOD Implementation In France

TE-FOOD has been implemented at French poultry producer Galliance. Galliance is the poultry arm of Terrena, one of the largest agro-food cooperative group in France, with 21,500 member farmers, 14,000 employees, and 4.9 billion euros of turnover.

The implementation was initiated by Auchan France to include chicken products by Terrena in its traceability program. The extension covers both whole chicken and various chicken part products of Terrena.

The Responsible farming (filière responsables) program requires strong commitment to its philosophy: responsibility for the environment and animal welfare.

Besides the information about downstream supply chain events like processing, packaging and logistics, the end-to-end traceability information provides various information about how the animals live on the farm, starting as a chickling, and growing up in an environment, where they are not closed in narrow cages, but they can walk in large open spaces. Consumers can also read more about the farmer which raised the chicken they are buying, knowing that they support local small businesses with the purchase.

The project shows how blockchain based traceability can turn siloed information into shared knowledge amongst supply chain partners with the use of GS1 EPCIS standard to describe visibility events from the farm to the retail store.

Source: TE-FOOD