News | February 11, 2021

Lidl Switzerland Applies Animal Welfare Rating To Meat Packaging

Cooperation with Swiss animal protection STS

Lidl Switzerland is the first retailer in Switzerland to label its meat products with an animal welfare rating from the Swiss animal welfare organization STS. With the 4-stage rating, which is attached directly to the meat packaging, Lidl Switzerland wants to maximize transparency in matters of animal welfare. Lidl Switzerland sees the introduction of the new simple decision-making aid as a milestone in the discussion and further development of its own range.

In Switzerland there are already numerous programs and labels that focus on animal welfare. The overview can quickly be lost when shopping. Lidl Switzerland has recognized this fact and is applying a transparent and easily understandable rating scale directly to its meat packaging.

In order to be able to offer customers quick and easy orientation for a targeted purchase decision in the future, a simple label was developed in cooperation with the Swiss Animal Welfare Organization, which is based on an STS evaluation scheme. This enables customers to quickly and easily find out about the living and keeping conditions of the animals and to make a conscious purchase decision.

Andreas Zufelde, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Lidl Switzerland: “With the animal welfare ranking on our products, we create an opportunity to easily, quickly and consciously decide to buy an item and thus create more transparency in animal welfare. With the Swiss Animal Welfare Service STS, we have found an ideal and independent partner who supports us on this path, but also challenges us further in terms of animal welfare. I am particularly pleased that we will be the first retailer in Switzerland to apply this label to the packaging of our meat products. "

The new labeling will be available on the first fresh meat products and in all 150 branches nationwide from spring 2021 .

Cesare Sciarra, Managing Director of the Swiss Animal Welfare Competence Center: "We welcome the decision by Lidl Switzerland to apply our comprehensive rating system to its products and thus offer customers the opportunity to make more conscious decisions."

4-step model
The products are rated on a scale from A to D, with “A” representing the best possible rating in terms of animal welfare. The evaluation is carried out exclusively and independently by the Swiss animal protection agency STS - Lidl Switzerland has no influence on the evaluation of the products. The following factors are included in the evaluation:

  • Is the entire supply chain controlled independently?
  • How are the animals doing (health, breeding conditions)?
  • What living conditions apply to the animals (living out a typical behavior, availability of space, exercise or grazing, light, temperature and noise quality)
  • How and why are drugs / antibiotics used?
  • How are the animals transported and slaughtered?
  • Are the producers compensated to cover their costs?

Source: Lidl