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LaBelle Patrimoine Heritage Chicken Approved By USDA As Regeneratively Raised

LaBelle Patrimoine's slower-grown, heritage chickens are pasture-raised on Pennsylvania family farms with care for the environment and surrounding communities.

Lancaster, PA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - LaBelle Patrimoine, producer of humanely raised heritage, air-chilled chickens, is proud to announce that it carries the new claim of regeneratively raised as approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), acknowledging its commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly poultry farming practices.

Regeneratively raised is a farming system where chickens are fed regeneratively grown grain, grown on managed pasture, and farm waste and processing waste are composted and returned to the soil to improve soil health. This meaningful recognition by the USDA, which plays a crucial role in supporting sustainable agriculture practices and ensuring food security for the nation, underscores LaBelle Patrimoine's dedication to regenerative agriculture and its positive impact on soil health, water management, pasture biodiversity, and carbon reduction.

"LaBelle Patrimoine's standard for environmentally conscious agriculture is not new, it's what we've always done, and this official status is yet another spoke that leads back to the hub of all we and our local Lancaster farmers do every day," said Mike Charles, founder and CEO, LaBelle Patrimoine. "As a sixth-generation poultry farmer, we are committed to maintaining the very best tried and true practices while also continuously evolving and improving to make sure we are doing right by the environment, our farmer partners, our flocks, our community, and our customers who rely on us for the very best poultry products in the business."

More information from the company about this new status can be found in this video featuring Mike Charles.

In addition to LaBelle Patrimione being certified by Global Animal Partnership's Better Chicken Project and being part of the Better Chicken Commitment, the brand's new regeneratively raised status further demonstrates its unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability from all angles.

"LaBelle Patrimoine's regenerative agriculture practices set a commendable standard for the industry by prioritizing the environmental footprint of their supply chain," said Brittany Smith, Agriculture Projects Manager, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. "Their holistic approach promotes long-term sustainability and is a North Star example of how farms are leaders in environmental stewardship and the regenerative movement. We look forward to collaborating with Mike and his team to implement even more practices that benefit the communities of Lancaster County and the surrounding region of south-central Pennsylvania."

LaBelle Patrimoine's regenerative practices include:

  • Soil Health and Pasture Management: no-till/minimum-till paddocks, protecting pastures from degradation and carbon loss. Utilizing naturally occurring poultry manure and poultry pasture grazing enhances soil nutrients. Collaborating with feed suppliers ensures best practices in soil health, crop rotation, and biologically diverse land management.
  • Water Management: Monitored water management meter systems in each house and individual farmer flock management to ensure optimal water nourishment without environmental challenges. Pasture management reduces wastewater, improving soil percolation, clean water drainage, filtration, and biodiversity growth. Limited pesticide use safeguards water purity.
  • Pasture Biodiversity: Planting various grasses, trees, and native plants. This not only enhances biodiversity but also protects birds against elements and predators. Collaborating with farmers on property management protocols ensures total property regeneration.
  • Carbon Management: Minimizing carbon production through procuring local supplies, fuel-efficient vehicles, solar energy, and direct transportation routes. Carbon sequestration practices, including pasture and property biodiversity, contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint.

With Americans buying more chicken than any other food at the center of the plate, its consumption per capita has increased nearly every year since the mid-1960s. LaBelle Patrimoine's slow-growing, pasture-raised farming style is a welcome approach to consumers looking for not only the best-tasting chicken but also for ways to do their part for the environment by choosing a regenerative product.

About Labelle Patrimoine:
LaBelle Patrimoine is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based provider of premium poultry products, committed to delivering the highest quality and best taste while prioritizing animal welfare and sustainability. The company was founded by Mike Charles to provide consumers with delicious and ethically sourced poultry products including heritage air-chilled chickens and turkeys, as well as organic eggs that are "grown at promised." For more information, please visit

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