News | April 28, 2020

Hygienic And Safe Packaging For Minced Meat With A Minimal Environmental Impact

The trayless minced meat application is one of ULMA Packaging’s most sustainable packaging solutions for blocks of minced meat. It consists of a flow pack with modified atmosphere (MAP) without the rigid plastic trays normally used in this type of application.

ULMA Packaging developed this application for the UK in 2010 and since then machines are working successfully in the field providing continuously trayless minced meat to British supermarkets.

The pack was also presented recently at IFFA 2019. After the event, there was a lot of interest in this packaging solution, and in 2020, above all from various European supermarket chains that are looking for more sustainable solutions in order to minimise the impact on the environment, while maintaining the benefits of packaging in terms of product protection and shelf life.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

  • 80% less space when transporting packaging materials.
  • 30% less space when transporting to shops compared to packages with a plastic tray.

Reduction in plastic

  • 60% less plastic compared to packages with a plastic tray.

Complete solution and line automation
ULMA Packaging also collaborates with specialist grinding/portioning manufacturers to offer an automated and complete solution.

  • Grinding/portioning system (*)
  • Option to supply the portion of minced meat on an underleaver (*)
  • Flow pack wrapper

* Provided by third-party manufacturers

Source: ULMA Packaging