News | April 12, 2012

Home Made Re-Designs Quiche Line, Wins Packaging Design Award


No wonder quiche is making a resurgence. One of quiche's primary ingredients (that would be eggs) represents the highest quality protein of any food. One egg of any size equals one ounce of lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood. High-quality protein can benefit people of all ages in many ways, including forming muscle tissue, building muscle strength, repairing muscles after exercise and warding off the loss of muscle tissue as we age.

Not only that…but quiche is delicious and is perfect for any meal or a snack. How versatile!

Greencore USA, the producers of the Home Made Brand Quiche line which sells a variety of quiches at supermarkets in the chilled, deli or to-go sections, has been inspired by consumers' new found interest in quiche. According to Greencore's internal sales data, consumers are buying more quiche than ever and finding ever more uses for this traditional meal solution.

Mr. Chris Solly, VP Licensed Brands at Greencore USA, stated, "We have been making Home Made Brand Quiche for many years, and recently have been inspired to reinvigorate the brand. We feel quiche has seen a resurgence recently as a food that is hip, cool, and en vogue, available in cafés and fashionable eateries. Not everyone has the time to bake quiche from scratch or the ‘scratch' to frequent cafés, but shoppers can find our convenient and tasty products in the to-go section of a local grocery store, such as Wegmans, Publix, A+P or Shaw's."

The newly reinvigorated brand, slated to hit shelves this spring, includes six varieties of quiche: Quiche Lorraine; Bacon, Four Cheese; Broccoli; Spinach; and Portobello, which come in 11 and 23 ounce sizes. Quiche Lorraine and Spinach Quiche are also available in a 16oz crustless version for the carb conscious. The line also includes a chicken pie with white meat chicken and vegetables in a savory gravy under a pastry crust.

Greencore USA is also pleased to announce that the brand's new look has already garnered a packaging design award—even before the new product packaging has hit the shelves!

Greencore USA tapped their creative agency, Newport, RI based Arsenal Design, which specializes in corporate branding, print collateral, packaging design and graphics ( Mr. Solly commented, "Due to Arsenal's excellent previous work with us on Weight Watchers®, we turned to them to shake up and redesign the Home Made Brand range. Arsenal Design responded by creating a new, modern look and feel to the brand with its bold colors and graphics, featuring a product wrap design with ‘instant product differentiation' photography. Once again the results are extremely well received, internally at the brand, with the retailers, and now being presented the 2012 Graphic Design USA American Package Design Award for the Home Made Brand."

Along with the improved packaging design, the product itself boasts some impressive nutritional benefits:

  • All quiche items are trans-fat free.
  • Most items have 10g or more protein per serving.
  • Two crustless quiches, spinach and quiche Lorraine, have only 5g of carbs per serving, and are high in protein.
  • Quiches are high in calcium and vitamin A & C.

SOURCE: Greencore USA