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Grass Fed Foods Partners With Matador Ranch & Cattle To Source Regeneratively Raised, Domestic Grass Fed Beef For Customers Across The United States

Partner Event Featured Tour of Regenerative Agriculture Practices in Action

Loveland, CO /PRNewswire/ - Grass Fed Foods, the comprehensive industry leading grass fed beef company platform, which includes SunFed Ranch and Teton Waters Ranch, has formed an exclusive collaborative partnership with Montana-based Matador Ranch & Cattle, to source regeneratively raised, high attribute domestic grass fed beef for its brands.

Stretching 380,000 acres from the Beaverhead Valley through the Blacktail Range and into the Centennial Valley, the ranch is teeming with wildlife, cold trout streams and healthy soil and grasslands. A working ranch, caring for 12,000 head of cattle outside of Dillon, Montana, Matador Ranch & Cattle is honored to uphold and enhance the high standards in agricultural and environmental practices while advancing new and innovative projects on the ground.

Grass Fed Foods invited over 50 customers to an exclusive two-day event at the ranch where they experienced what true regenerative ranching looks like. Jeff Tripician, Grass Fed Foods CEO noted: "Every aspect of regenerative cattle ranching was on display from carbon sequestration to methane reduction, to High Intensity Rotational Grazing, to increasing organic matter in soil — and each topic was presented by an expert in their field. It was an incredibly impactful and informative learning experience." Guests included Sysco Foods, Costco, Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Farmers & Fisherman Purveyors, Compass Group, UNFI, Butcher Box, NCG, Rastelli's, Applegate and Kettle & Fire.

"Our goal is to help consumers gain access to better/healthier grass-fed beef that will improve both the consumers health as well as that of the planet, stated Tripician; to accomplish that goal we need to have enough product to get in every meat case and menu that wants to make a positive impact".

In addition to guests enjoying a true ranch dinner featuring fresh steaks and burgers from SunFed Ranch and hot dogs, sausages and brats from Teton Waters Ranch, the team heading up new product development for presented the company's new line of blended products — Teton Taste Buds — that promotes healthier eating for kids.

According to Mike Gruber, VP of Ranching and Livestock for Grass Fed Foods: "This ranch aggregation of Selkirk and Beaverhead now comprises 42 pivot irrigation systems supplied with diverse water assets across 6,000 acres that enable intensive fodder and crop production. This system, combined with the expansive rangeland grazing, allows for multiple synergistic outcomes at scale. These complementary assets support our business objectives of adding value to our cattle for premium market access and optimizing our genetic and management investments."

"This is part of our legacy as a company, it is literally tied to our mission of creating affordable, accessible, quality products that are better for the planet and better for people," adds Tripician.

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Grass Fed Foods
is the recognized industry leader in Grass Fed beef and beef products. The company has a keen focus on building systems that are Better for the Planet, Better for Animals and Better for You and includes both the SunFed Ranch and Teton Waters Ranch brands under its umbrella.

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