News | November 1, 2022

Founders' Armand Agra And Seattle Fish Company Acquire Lombardi Brothers Meats

Founders’ Armand Agra acquires Colorado-family owned Lombardi Brothers Meats as a close sister company of Seattle Fish Company.

Lombardi Brothers Meats is a family-owned specialty meat processor and distributor based in Denver, Colorado. Lombardi Brothers Meats has served the Rocky Mountain region since 1947, distributing the finest cuts of top-quality Beef, Pork, Lamb, and other proteins to tables throughout the Colorado front range and local mountain communities. The company also operates The Ranch, a retail meat shop established in 2020. The company today is led by owners Victoria and Vance Philips, who will work in partnership with Seattle Fish Company to continue providing exceptional service to its customers in Colorado. Seattle Fish Company is excited to partner with the team at Lombardi Brothers Meats to support the company in its long-term growth and development.

Under this new ownership, Lombardi will continue to operate as an independent brand but will now partner with Seattle Fish Company to grow customer relationships, invest in the business, and promote high quality Lombardi brand meats throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. This partnership gives Lombardi access to increased geography, additional customers, more opportunity to grow our brand, and new ways to offer our products to new markets.

“Armand Agra’s investment in Lombardi Brothers Meats will allow us to expand our offerings, grow our influence in sustainability and industry leadership across a larger platform and lead a positive impact on a greater range of proteins,” shares Seattle Fish Co. President and CEO, Derek Figueroa. “We’re proud to say that our mission is to sustainably feed people, and now we can do so from the land and sea.”

Since 2015, Seattle Fish Co. has expanded their Gourmet Provisions portfolio to include terrestrial proteins such as chicken and game meats, gourmet sauces, sausages/deli meats, beverages and much more. Their proven success beyond fresh and frozen seafood makes them uniquely poised to partner with Lombardi Brothers Meats, known for its generous marbling and legendary flavor that has become a symbol for consistent quality across Colorado.

“Since 1947, Lombardi Brothers Meats has built strong partnerships based on exceptional customer service, top quality product, and pride in our work,” says Lombardi owner Victoria Philips. “The investment by Armand Agra, a third-generation family-owned business with deep experience in meat, preserves the rich legacy of Lombardi Brothers Meats while providing the resources, collaboration, and scale to grow our brand.”

Under the wing of Armand Agra and Seattle Fish Co., Lombardi Brothers Meats will not only have opportunities for brandwide growth, but access to increased geography, new markets, and additional customers to continue their four generations of family-owned legacy.

Source: Seattle Fish Company