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Erewhon Selects American Farmers Network To Bring Organic Domestic Grass-Fed Beef To Southern California Shoppers

Seattle, WA /PRNewswire/ - American Farmers Network (AFN), a leading supplier of domestic grass-fed beef, has partnered with Erewhon, a premier independent retailer of organic and natural foods in the United States, to bring high-quality organic domestic grass-fed beef to their customers.

This strategic partnership meets the growing demand in California, and nationwide, for ethically sourced, sustainable, and domestically raised beef products.

"Our shoppers trust us to help them make more informed, conscious decisions while shopping, particularly when it comes to protein suppliers we source," said Victor Manes, Director of Protein. "We won't work with suppliers that cannot meet the rigorous expectations of our highly discerning clientele. We knew American Farmers Network could meet our high demands, standards and quality consistently so partnering with them was a natural next step in evolving what we offer in our meat case."

Through this partnership, Erewhon features a wide range of organic grass-fed beef cuts sold under the Erewhon brand name. By sourcing directly from American Ranchers through American Farmers Network strict raising protocols, Erewhon ensures complete transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain.

This partnership between American Farmers Network and Erewhon represents an ever-growing demand for sustainable and ethical food systems. By purchasing organic beef from American Farmers Network, consumers enjoy peace of mind knowing they are supporting regenerative agriculture and responsible stewardship of the land.

Sanin Mirvic, CEO of American Farmers Network, highlighted, "Erewhon shares our dedication to procuring food that not only nurtures the environment but also supports our health." He emphasized the importance of the nutrients found in organic grass-fed beef, stating that they "support a lifestyle that goes beyond surviving by focusing on thriving."

AFN organic grass-fed beef products are currently available at Erewhon locations across Southern California.

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About American Farmers Network
American Farmers Network specializes in using sustainable and regenerative practices that prioritize the health and well-being of our animals, the environment, and our community. We believe that the best way to produce high-quality, delicious meat is to treat our animals with respect and give them the freedom to roam and graze on nutrient-rich pastures. That's why we never use hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs in our operations, and we always put animal welfare first.

We take pride in the quality of our products and the transparency of our process. Every pound of beef is 100% grass-fed, all-natural and/or certified organic, and comes from the Angus cattle breed. We offer CPG brands, food service and institutional clients an unparalleled product portfolio and service, ready to be activated on short timeline at any volume.

Founded in 2002, AFN works with an extensive network of independent family ranchers and provides raw materials to the vast majority of major CPG brands and retailers in the country. The company's grass-fed beef is also Certified Humane, Non-GMO Project Verified, as well as born, raised and processed in the USA. For more information, visit us online at our website or on LinkedIn.

Source: American Farmers Network

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