News | April 7, 2023

Crescent Foods Expands Frozen Line For Retail, Club & Ecommerce

Individually Frozen Chicken Thighs Launched With More Items To Follow

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire/ - From kababs to casseroles, consumers looking for flexibility with last-minute meals have a new option in the frozen section – Crescent Foods Individually Frozen Halal Hand-Cut Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs.

Building off the success of their individually frozen chicken breasts, Crescent Foods, a leader in the Halal industry, has launched this new item for retail and E-commerce. The five-pound bag is re-sealable so customers cooking at home can pull out one or more at a time, depending on the needs of the meal and the family size. The packaging has been designed to catch shoppers' attention with bright colors; yellow for the chicken thighs and blue for the chicken breasts.

"The individually frozen chicken breasts were the first product of its kind in the Halal marketplace," said Amna Haq, Director of Marketing and Innovation for Crescent Foods. "There has never been this type of Halal item on the market. Consumers clearly were excited about this option. Trends show that consumers are leveraging on this cut, giving them a new choice that made perfect sense. This product is one-of-a-kind and something we are very proud of."

Crescent Foods Individually Frozen Halal Hand-Cut Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs can be safely cooked from frozen up to USDA-recommended temperatures. It is a cut that can also be very forgiving when cooked because it has a higher fat content and will remain tender and juicy. Because they are skinless, they are lean and still provide a healthy, delicious alternative no matter how they are prepared.

Crescent Foods chickens are hand-cut individually according to Halal guidelines with strict adherence to all required aspects. Chickens are raised humanely and free to roam. They are antibiotic free and are fed an all-vegetarian diet free from animal by-products.

To see the full line of Crescent Foods proteins available for retail or foodservice, visit Recipes and online ordering are also available.

About Crescent Foods: American Pioneers in Halal Meat for the Last 28 Years and the next.
Crescent Foods was founded in 1995 to bring healthy, humanely processed Halal chicken to America's dinner tables. Today, Crescent Foods is the largest provider of premium quality Certified Hand-Cut Halal poultry and meat products across the United States. It prides itself on its ability to offer choice through a variety of meat and poultry cuts, products, and packaging options to retail stores, restaurants, and institutions. Crescent Foods' commitment to the highest Hand-Cut Halal standards, state-of-the-art production processes, use of technology, distribution, product development and service helps the company remain at the industry's forefront in North America and globally.

Source: Crescent Foods

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