News | September 26, 2018

Corrigan Announces New Whisper-Quiet HydraFog Humidity System For Service Cases

In keeping with its commitment to bring innovative solutions to their customers, Corrigan Corporation of America has announced the launch of a stainless steel, whisper-quiet humidification system for service case displays. This patent pending technology is the first of its kind seen in the industry and is manufactured in the USA. The humidity system is ideal for meat, seafood, deli, cheese and specialty cases such as mushrooms, floral and prepared foods.

Advanced Features

Corrigan built upon their almost 40 years of experience with perishable preservation to design the ultra-modern HydraFog, with an elegant design and advanced features like an HMI touch screen controller, optional remote monitoring capabilities and precise humidification results. At less than 30 decibels, it is quieter than even the smallest store environment.

After extensively trialing the product, the response has been in line with Meat Manager Josh’s comments, “Our meat has never looked better. I like the look of the system, it’s modern and I can’t even hear the thing running. Since it has been here, I haven’t had to do anything to it. If it weren’t for the noticeable improvement in our meat, I would’ve forgot it’s even here.”

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

HydraFog has a closed plumbing system that only requires simple, clean-in-place preventative maintenance. “We knew this was important to our customers. Time is money. Other systems on the market, specifically ultrasonic and nebulization systems, require extensive maintenance. The FDA and CPSC mandates disassembly and cleaning on a weekly basis for those types of systems. Not the HydraFog, the stainless-steel adapters are easily removed and can be quickly and easily wiped down. Corrigan’s business model has always been to develop quality equipment that will continue to add value from not only the perishable preservation side but from a maintenance perspective, as well,” says Emily Stavrou, VP.

Installation Versatility

HydraFog was designed to work with all cases even those that have a narrow gap underneath the service deck. The system mounts above the product and emits a true, non-wetting dry fog, making it ideal for specialty cases that may have a combination of wrapped and unwrapped products. Adjustable vent holes are also a benefit allowing for various levels of fog. This gives the customer control over the type of theatrics they’re looking to accomplish.

Every HydraFog is engineered for reliability and precision fabricated to ensure flawless operation. The systems are manufactured from Corrigan’s centrally located plant just north of Chicago and are available now for worldwide sales.

Corrigan Corporation of America was founded out of necessity. In the late 1970’s, Jack Corrigan recognized he was throwing away potential profits at his “Carrot Top” produce market. His civil engineering background helped him as he devised a method for fresh produce preservation. With patents dating back to 1979, Jack Corrigan is credited with establishing automatic produce misting equipment.

Today his company continues his innovative lead, expanding beyond automatic produce misting equipment to also become a market leading manufacturer of humidification and water filtration technologies. Jack’s core principle of designing and manufacturing reliable solutions to improve customers’ profits remain steadfast.

The company is proud to reinvest in the research and development of future innovative products. The company currently has numerous pending patent applications in addition to our issued patent portfolio. Other technologies are being assessed for reliability, customer need and most importantly, if Jack would approve.

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SOURCE: Corrigan Corporation of America