News | May 30, 2013

Alexanders Direct Announce The Launch Of New Energy Efficient Foster Refrigeration Products

Alexanders Direct

Energy Efficiency Has Never Looked So Glamorous!

(PRWEB UK) - Alexanders Direct are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new line of exciting Foster products which reaffirm their continued support of energy efficiency.

The new arrivals in the Foster refrigeration range includes the exquisite Foster G2 EP700H Gastro Cabinet which is up to as much as 20% more energy efficient than the low energy Eco Pro. The Foster G2 EP700M Gastro Meat/Chill Cabinet also provides a greener option and is an ideal product for commercial use.

As part of a vision to be as energy efficient as possible, Alexanders Direct are providing Foster refrigeration products which adhere to the ETL Qualified for Energy Technology List and are approved by ELA. In addition to providing customers with the greener option, the new Foster refrigeration products are reliable while ensuring they add a touch of style to the workplace. There is no need to worry about handling these new products, they may look like high maintenance but are actually very easy to use and more importantly, to clean! You can find the new products with 12 months interest free credit and 0% finance so you are getting one of the best deals on the market.

Mark Alexander for the firm said "Alexanders Direct have a strong interest in energy efficiency and will continue to support the environment by constantly striving to ensure that new additions to the line are even greener than the last!" The importance of managing climate change is more prevalent now than ever and Alexanders Direct always keep up with developments, which shows in the improved line of products.

Alexanders direct have a wide range of refrigeration products and other catering equipment for commercial use to suit all tastes and styles. The Foster refrigeration products are the newest in the line of products which are constantly being updated and improved to ensure customers are always satisfied with the quality of service.

About Alexanders Direct
Alexanders Direct are a UK company who supply catering company on a nationwide basis for use in commercial properties, including hotels and pubs. The range of quality and energy efficient products from Alexanders Direct are the reasons why they boast a strong reputation with customers and why most of them are loyal to the company. The wide range of products includes chest freezers, refrigerators and freezers which are tailored to suit the individual needs of customers. The prices at Alexanders Direct are constantly being checked to ensure they meet the market rate and are competitive. The website includes a top 5 rating on catering products to save customers the hassle of comparing.

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