News | January 28, 2021

Adisseo Expanding Technical And Commercial Teams For Aquaculture In Asia Pacific And China

Multinational feed additives manufacturer Adisseo, leader in species specific aquaculture solutions for health and nutrition, continues to increase its footprint in aquaculture as it announced a number of appointments in its Business Unit Aquaculture. Adisseo is fully committed to grow in the dynamic aqua markets across the world and therefore consistently hires top professionals that bring value to their customers.

“Feed additives are playing an increasingly important role in aquaculture feed formulations and profitability of fish and shrimp farmers. Health promotors in functional feeds have proven to be an essential component of prevention strategies to reduce the impact of diseases and parasites. Digestive and metabolic enhancers improve the efficiency for carnivorous species of new types of formulations based on less marine proteins and fats and maximize feed cost efficiency in omnivorous species. Palatability solutions offer support to compensate feed attractiveness and protein quality for feed formulations based on novel ingredients. These wide range of additives require a species-specific optimization for different aquaculture species and regions. This increases the need for specialized customer support at local and global level.” says Dr. Peter Coutteau, Business Unit Director Aquaculture for Adisseo.

Ms. Guiping Zhao joins us from Feb 1 as Regional Technical Manager Aquaculture for China. Guiping has obtained a bachelor degree in Aquaculture from the Dalian Ocean University and an MSc in Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Feed from the Ocean University of China. She has an extensive experience in the Chinese Aquafeed industry during 10 years at Alpha Feed, one of the leading domestic aqua feedmills in China, where she has been in different positions related to QC management, feed formulation, feed evaluation and technical services. In Dec 2018, Guiping took up a new job challenge as Technical Service Manager Aquaculture in a large feed additive company in China. Guiping has ample experience in the feed formulation for a variety of Chinese aquatic species, feed ingredients, feed processing, quality control and certification, applied research and developing feeds for special customer needs.

Mr. Huynh van Lanh joins the BU aqua from Feb 1 as Aquaculture Sales Manager – Vietnam. Lanh graduated from the Can Tho University as Aquaculture Engineer with a degree in Business Administration. Lanh has over 15 years of technical sales experience in different sectors of the Vietnamese aquaculture industry including feed, farm care products and feed mill additives. He has been in sales manager and key account manager positions for leading regional and international companies in Vietnam. Lanh has gained a broad understanding of the market structure and route-to-market in Vietnamese aquaculture.

Source: Adisseo