News | September 4, 2012

YES! Program Delivers Metal Detectors Within 48 Hours For Manufacturers In Need

The Thermo Scientific YES! program is another example of how we help solve customer problems every single day. Whether it’s next week’s supplier audit, a metal detector in need of repair, or the purchase order for a new metal detector was misplaced—we have a solution. With the YES! program, we can get a new metal detector from our shelf configured and ready to ship to you in less than 48 hours!

Models and Aperture Sizes Available
Thermo Scientific APEX Metal Detectors can come in an enormous range of types and aperture sizes. The APEX line of metal detectors includes the APEX 500 metal detector, an advanced conveyor-based model, the APEX 100 model, which is an economical conveyor-based drop-through model, and as the APEX 300 performance drop-through metal detector.

The YES! program makes available many common aperture sizes for each model. See adjacent charts to find the full list of available models, with model type, aperture size, and the part number to specify with your order. Included with every Thermo Scientific YES! program metal detector The configuration and accessories items shipped with every APEX YES! metal detector includes:

  • 100/300 Khz frequency settings (can be changed prior to shipment at no charge).
  • All manuals and a software simulator on CD-ROM.
  • Test cards for conveyor systems or test balls for drop-through systems.
  • Standard mounting kit and spare fuses (SP1).
  • Reusable wood shipping crate.

Additional options available for YES! program models 
Several options are also available for quick shipment to meet your special needs.

  • Alarm fault output package (120 or 220 VAC operation).
  • Thermo Scientific AuditCheck (12 VDC).
  • Retro-reflective photoeye (for best reject timing and/or use with IXR software).
  • Spares kit (SP2 is a complete spare electronics kit).
  • New universal mounting upgrade conversion kits to go from Thermo Scientific DSP2/3 Metal Eliminator to APEX (at the same aperture size)

YES! Program APEX Conveyor Models*
Metal Detectors Model/Part Number


YES! Program APEX Drop Through Models*
Metal Detectors Model/Part Number


SOURCE: Thermo Scientific Product Inspection