1. The Cost Of Spilled Milk: Analyzing Product Loss In The Dairy Industry

    The international dairy industry accepts a “standard” lost product figure of 2-3 percent annually. Even with these low percentages, the loss can be very high in monetary terms. The cost of spilled milk is definitely worth shedding some tears.

  2. How Advanced Online Instrumentation Helps Food Processors Lower DAF Systems’ Costs

    Many food processors use dissolved air flotation (DAF) to remove fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and suspended solids from their wastewater streams. Advanced online instrumentation provides continuous, real time suspended solids measurement in DAF operations, which automates and optimizes polymer and coagulant feed regardless of wide load variations. The result: potential polymer savings of 20 to 30 percent.

  3. Application Effluent Control in Food Processing

    “The BioTector Analyzer has been a key piece of investment towards meeting the new consent limit imposed on us by the Environment Agency. It has allowed us to divert the higher strength effluent stream to our buffer tank, allowing a smoother load to the ETP, which basically makes it work better as reflected in an uplift in our efficiency of COD removal by the anaerobic digester.”

  4. Metal Detection Solutions For Harsh Environments

    The Thermo Scientific APEX 500/300 HD metal detectors are designed to thrive where typical metal detectors may fail, eliminating expensive downtime, service costs and repair bills. The unique design offers the lowest total cost of ownership possible and can improve operational efficiency in many applications where standard metal detectors are in use today.

  5. Metal Detection, X-Ray Inspection Or Both?

    The final quality of food and pharmaceutical products is dependent on the level of diligence exercised during
    the production process and the rigor with which manufacturers keep contaminants out of the finished

  6. Versa Rx High-Accuracy, High-Rate Checkweigher

    The Thermo Scientific Versa Rx checkweigher provides superior quality to meet the most demanding performance standards.

  7. Food Traceability: Solving The Imperative Of Compliance

    Consumers’ confidence in the food they consume is eroding. The numbers quickly illustrate why: in the last few years FDA food recalls increased nearly 400%, largely due to salmonella and undeclared allergens1. Ghastly stories such as contaminated foods causing deaths across several states further diminish consumers’ confidence in food—and in the retailers where they purchased the recalled produce.

  8. MAPLOX® Program Modified Atmosphere Packaging Low-Oxygen System For Case-Ready Meats

    The MAPLOX Program combines FreshPax® CR Packets with the proven reliability of our APA-series of dispensers.

  9. FreshCard® Multifunctional Oxygen Absorbing Cards

    FreshCard® Oxygen Absorbing Cards allow you to reduce preservative ingredients and to market a more natural food product.

  10. FreshPax CR Oxygen Absorber

    The FreshPax® CR Packets are part of our MAPLOXTM Program, which provides a lowcost, low-oxygen packaging system that maintains refrigerated meat in pristine condition for up to 30 days when packaged in a lowoxygen environment under ideal conditions.

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