Supplier News

  1. We Build the Climate You Want
    When an event needs the perfect climate, call the climate control experts! Munters is the largest and the most experienced climate control company in the world...
  2. Rehrig Pacific Offers Lightweight, Restriction-Free Pallet Alternative For Export Shipping Market
    In response to increasing global import restrictions on wooden pallets and to provide a light-weight shipping alternative, Rehrig Pacific Company is pleased to announce the new RPX 4840 Export Pallet
  3. MOCON Intros First-Ever, Portable Analyzer Which Measures Residual Headspace Oxygen And Determines Leak Rate
    The first-ever unit which measures both residual headspace oxygen (O2) as well as package leak rate is being introduced by MOCON, Inc.
  4. Alien Technology Answers RFID Frequently Asked Questions
    What is RFID, Why not just use Barcodes, How far can the tag be read, Is it dangerous to be around an RFID Reader, and frequently asked questions on EPC Standards...
  5. CRYIUBFRA Purchases GTP LO-CAT® H2S Removal Technology
    A LO-CAT® Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation Treatment Plant has been purchased by CRYOINFRA to remove hydrogen sulfide from carbon dioxide used in food and beverage production at its Puebla, Mexico, facility
  6. AP Dataweigh Announces A New Partnership With Rice Lake Weighing Systems
    AP Dataweigh Systems announces a distributorship agreement with Rice Lake Weighing Systems, a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial scale and process-control weighing systems. Businesses that sell industrial weighing equipment to end-users in the United States, Canada and Mexico now have access to AP Dataweigh’s impressive line of in-motion checkweighers and case weighers exclusively through Rice Lake Weighing Systems....
  7. US Meat Industry Benefits From Systemate Numafa's Extensive Experience
    Systemate Numafa has supplied the first completely automated cleaning system for the North American box pool and grocery industries to Tosca Limited, a container pooling services provider.
  8. A Convenient And Trusted Source Of Working Stock Cultures: QA/QC For All Microbiology Laboratories
    MicroBioLogics KWIK-STIK™ is a self-contained package including a lyophilized microorganism pellet, reservoir of hydrating fluid, and inoculating swab.
  9. New Metal Detection Systems Introduced That Meet 3A Dairy And USDA Standards
    Safeline introduces a range of metal detection systems that meet the latest 3A Dairy Sanitary Standards and USDA requirements.
  10. Safeline Introduces 'The Guide To Reducing Metal Contamination In the Food Processing Industry'
    Metal detectors are now accepted as essential equipment by most food and pharmaceutical processors. Many companies lay down strict inspection standards in terms of detector sensitivity.