Current Headlines

  1. Applegate Praises United States Department Of Agriculture For Proposed Rule On Animal Welfare Standards For Organic Meat And Poultry

    Applegate, the nation's leading brand of natural and organic meats, applauds the United States Department of Agriculture's decision to propose rules regarding animal welfare standards for organic meat and poultry.

  2. A Robot With A knife

    Poultry processors are always looking for optimal use of all incoming products, reducing give-away to a minimum. To support processors achieving this goal, Marel Poultry has developed “a robot with a knife”, an innovative concept for intelligent fixed-weight poultry batching

  3. Anti-Microbial Absorbent Seafood Packaging And Ready-Cook Packaging By Sirane

    Anti-microbal absorbent packaging and innovative ways of retailing seafood in a ready-to-cook format will be among Sirane’s featured products at Seafood Expo Global

  4. New NextGuard C500 X-Ray System Accommodates Wider, Taller Packages

    Food companies that require affordable inspection and detection capabilities for larger product and case profiles now benefit from a new X-ray system that accommodates taller and wider packages than previous models

  5. Meijer Announces Goal To Source Only Cage-Free Eggs By 2025

    Meijer is setting a goal to sell only eggs sourced from cage-free farms by the year 2025, joining a growing group of food retailers, restaurant chains and food manufacturers that have announced similar plans.

  6. Tomra Sorting Food To Launch Ground-Breaking Solutions To The Meat Industry At IFFA 2016

    At the upcoming IFFA show, TOMRA Sorting Food is set to unveil new technologies and equipment.

  7. USDA Consolidates And Streamlines Regulations For Pork And Thermally Processed, Commercially Sterile Meat And Poultry Products

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is announcing a proposed rule that would consolidate and streamline existing regulations for meat and poultry products

  8. Eagle To Showcase Integrated Inline Meat Inspection Systems At IFFA 2016

    Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle), supported by SF Engineering, will demonstrate the benefits of complete integrated inline meat and poultry inspection solutions to the global meat industry at IFFA 2016.

  9. Reed Brook Meats Is The Newest USDA Full-Scale Meat Processing Facility In NY

    Reed Brook Custom Meat Processing was purchased by Mumbulo in 2003, and has since undergone a complete transformation. Located on Ellis Creek Rd

  10. Atria Is Entering The Poultry Business In Sweden - Atria To Purchase Lagerberg i Norjeby AB, A Swedish Poultry Business

    Atria is entering the poultry business in Sweden - Atria to purchase Lagerberg i Norjeby AB, a Swedish poultry business