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  1. Cambridge Engineered Solutions Expands Operations To Five Countries

    Cambridge Engineered Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts, today announced it has expanded international operations, adding new representatives in five countries to sell and service its high-quality metal conveyor belts, filtration and wire cloth products

  2. Future Nutrition Research Essential For Chicken Meat Sustainability

    Over five decades, the poultry industry has developed from a backyard operation to the world’s largest animal protein supplier for human consumption. The poultry industry has done a remarkable job in its low carbon footprint and efficiency of production, according to Poultry CRC

  3. California Knife And Blade Advances Its Global Brand Baucor In Manufacturing Industrial Blades And Machine Knives

    California Knife and Blade ( has recently announced that it will continue to advance its brand BAUCOR ( in manufacturing industrial blades and machine knives and will push its capabilities to reach out more global customers

  4. Buckhead Beef And TriFactor Announce Partnership In Boxed Beef Sortation System Design & Implementation

    Achieving the rank of #1 provider of Certified Angus Beef® nine years in a row has only been accomplished by one company, Buckhead Beef. The reason why is simple; quality products at the lowest price. Add a touch of customer service to the recipe and you've got yourself a growing company with demand exceeding capacity

  5. Bug-Busting Packaging To Help Poultry Industry

    As three of the UK’s leading supermarkets launch investigations into their chicken supplies after a national newspaper uncovered a catalogue of alleged hygiene failings within the poultry industry, LINPAC Packaging is urging manufacturers and processors to consider its bug busting antimicrobial solution to help protect consumers

  6. Flexible Packaging Innovation - Schur Star Squeeze 'n' Mix

    The Schur Star Squeeze ‘n’ Mix packaging has two compartments with a frangible seal in the middle. Simply mix marinades and meat inside the packaging. The easy opening guarantees convenient access afterwards

  7. Ghana Govt Baits Investors Into Poultry Processing Business

    Potential investors in the poultry processing and packaging business are to benefit from an incentive package aimed at doubling investments in that segment of agriculture

  8. Vacuum Pumps Use One-Third Less Energy At Meat Processing Facility

    Atlas Copco worked with the team at a large poultry processing company to develop a customized vacuum supply solution that extracts high volumes of giblets efficiently and cost effectively. The three new Atlas Copco GV 1200 vacuum pumps have not only improved the quality of the final product, but also use approximately one-third less energy than conventional systems

  9. METTLER TOLEDO Provides Retailers Support To Comply With Upheld COOL Ruling

    On July 29, 2014, the US Court of Appeals upheld the mandatory country- of- origin labeling (COOL) ruling for meat and meat products currently in place

  10. Smart Fog Inc Unveiled The First Silent Series Commercial Humidifiers

    Smart Fog Inc has announce the completion of the first silent commercial humidifier technology series currently in field testing, the first units are scheduled to ship 2015

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