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  • StripPax® System
    StripPax® System

    StripPax® are designed to remove moisture and/or volatiles from your package headspace to promote product stability and are able to keep up with the fastest packaging line speeds. Our dispensers are compatible with a variety of packaging line configurations: horizontal flow wrappers, VFFS, bottling lines, thermoformed pouching and more.

  • Business Intelligence System This Cognos-powered FoodBIS business intelligence system provides customers with up-to-the-minute, "point and click" management reporting in the critical areas of sales, purchasing and credit management.
  • PLC-Controlled Forming Machine Formax®'s PLC-controlled F•6® combines the company's hydraulic forming system with the versatility to develop value-added ground and whole muscle products
  • Off-Line Backup Power Systems
    Off-Line Backup Power Systems The Illuminator II offers a transfer time of less than 50 milliseconds and is suited to applications where maximum reliability, low maintenance and minimum floorspace are important design considerations.
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